Dual Density Rubber - Injected Sole Technology




Dual Density injected Rubber is a sole construction method offering durability on harsh and abrasive terrain and provides a comfortable experience for the wearer.  The sole is injected to the uppers, rather than being stuck on, so the bond between the upper and sole is really reliable and strong.  The sole is also resistant to 300⁰C heat and has excellent slip resistant results which gives added assurance in hostile working environments.


How does it work?

This sole is made with two distinct layers. First the outer skin is made with liquid high density rubber and inserted into a mould.  Then a second layer of lower density rubber which has been injected with air is squeezed into the mould.  The uppers are then inserted into the rubber and the combination is fused together.

We also use a special flame resistant rubber compound for firefighting, foundry and welding use.

The manufacturing investment and skill involved in perfecting this process has resulted in only a handful of companies around the world being able to produce DDR.  The YDS Footwear Group has invested in the majority of specialist machinery and lead the world in producing this technology.


Why use it?

If your job entails extreme or high abrasive terrain, or unfamiliar terrain you need footwear that will stand up to the task.  We supply fire and rescue services with DDR technology fire boots because they know it is the most durable and protective sole on the market, and we also supply foundries with specialist footwear that will protect from the hazards from hot metal smelting.

The fact is, DDR is consistently effective in protecting feet and providing a comfortable feel all day long.




Dual Density Rubber