Who are We?

Goliath Footwear Ltd manufactures quality safety footwear for industrial markets and distributes into construction, utilities and civil engineering, light and heavy industrial and special hazard workplaces.  We partner world leading technologies such as GORE-TEX®, D30 and CORDURA® to develop the best performing protective footwear for specialist industrial work environments.  Our West Yorkshire distribution centre holds 150,000 pairs and kept up to capacity with a factory which makes up to 10,000 boots and shoes a day.



Goliath Footwear Ltd has been making boots since 1880, formerly part of the cooperative society, Goliath's factory in Heckmondwike used to make boots for 'navvies quarrymen and policemen'.  It is even true that the Co-op factory sponsored Stanley Matthews in the 1950's and made his 'glove-like' football boots.  As the world has progressed the Cooperative movement needed to change and focus away from non-core businesses. A Turkish footwear business YDS, took an interest in the company and now the Goliath brand with it's new owners, YDS, is modern, vibrant and selling both in the UK and Internationally with fresh outlook.  All that history definitely counts for a great deal in the safety industry, and we manufacture to the highest standards built on years of experience.


What we're good at

Goliath as part of the YDS group is the leading producer of Dual Density Rubber (DDR) injected soles in the world.  This is a special formula of rubber compound which is injected in two densities to the uppers; a tough rubber outer skin and a lower density midsole which air is injected into the rubber to create a lightweight shock absorbing cushioned bed for the foot.  This technology is important for those working and existing in harsh conditions where a highly durable but comfortable solution is required, so is an enormous advantage in industrial footwear.  Injection soling method is used across all of our footwear styles whether the sole is PU/PU, PU/Rubber or Dual Density Rubber, it is the most reliable and strongest bond between upper and sole. 


Our Partners

Goliath Footwear also has a license to produce GORE-TEX® footwear.  This is not only a product and performance benefit but an assurance of product quality as the stipulated lab testing of footwear by WL GORE as part of the agreement is so highly rigorous.



An independent SATRA accredited laboratory is sited within the factory, which is also accredited to ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system and TS 18001:2008 occupational and safety management system.

Goliath Footwear is a growing international brand and through innovative product development and by partnering world leading technology brands it offers the highest performing footwear products for all industrial environments.